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Enjoy an amazing first & third person Player vs. Player environment all in multiple big open worlds, or smaller dedicated maps to fight other players at a faster pace.

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Come join us! We build massive servers with a fun and interactive community! Play Creative Plot, Survival, PVP, Islands and more!

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Rainbow Six

Although an older game. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 is an all around favorite. Play fast action and decisive players on our servers.

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Tactical Gameplay

We Move As A Tactical Unit At All Times. In Games Like Infestation, This Is A Huge Plus That Garuntees Our Survival And Player Domination.

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4 Man Units

With our units, we typically run four man units to maximize effeciency. In infestation, that means we canhave 8 players with 2 teams. We can seperate and dominate.

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